portrait Heart Tugs 'n' Hugs began as a small business making bereavement pillows, or "huggie pillows" as named by my nephews. The business has grown to include bereavement pillows, quilts, memorial and achievement quilts as well as other custom made items. We are interested in helping people remember their loved ones with one of a kind item made from the clothing of a loved one. The emptiness left when someone passes on can be lessened with a simple reminder of that person in a memory quilt or pillow. It almost feels like the person is with you when you wrap yourself in a quilt made of their favorite clothing or when you see a shirt or necktie that they used to wear.

My story quilt tells of the loss of my two daughters, parents, and godson. Through grief work, we talk, work with our hands, and let the tears flow. From stormy days of broken hearts and healing tears, a new heart takes shape. Let me help you heal and feel the warmth of your loved one by making a one of a kind quilt from their clothing. Then wrap yourself in their love and memories. Our loved ones are only a heart tug and a hug away.


"My family had 5 quilts made. We love each and every one. Four of the quilts were made from my mom's clothes and we will cherish these quilts always. The other quilt was made from t-shirts my daughter had in high school. She loves her quilt and will take it to college with her. "
"Thank you again for the beautiful job on Jade's memory quilt. Paula will now have a tangible article to compliment the memories she carries in her heart of Jade. "
"I received my "Hugs" pillow at a time when I needed comfort. I not only cried into my pillow many nights, tossed it across the room out of frustration once or twice, but it came in handy as a tummy support those last few months of pregnancy. "
"Brian was so surprised and enjoyed the memories that the quilt represents. "
- Trudie
"Great job on the quilts. I know the kids will enjoy them. "
- Maynard
"The pillow shams are so pretty. I know my little ones will love them. "
"Thank you so very much for my Lenten pillow. It is just what I needed. I will treasure it. "
"We receive nothing but compliments about our quilt. "